HRH Photo Bombing

Probably as close to the real Queen as I will get, but what a clever concept
from Aussie Promotions INSTANT Queen, Coat of arms and Flag for your next citizen ceremony!
#Bestpullupbanners ever! #complete with Australian floral

Still to come this morning Robyn Archer and Peter Fitzsimons and that is just until Lunchtime!

Don’t forget to nominate your Australian of the Year until August 3. Nominate someone worthy of attention. Just one nomination is all it takes.

Australia Day is a special time

Hosting a ‘coast-to-coast conference' for the people who stage Australia Day all around Australia. This event is fantastic extension of my event brain and my host brain. Half the conference is going to focus on how to include the first Australians into the festivities. Some fine Australians of the Year - Local Heroes were part of a panel that I hosted live and online.
We found out what they had done since being awarded (LOTS), what motivated them and what was next. Inspirational leaders giving people more chances to be valued and grow through the organisations they founded.
Great to catch up with, (from left) Shanaka Fernando - Lentil As Anything,
Roni Kahn - Oz Harvest, Jonathan Welch -School of Hard Knocks
And the ‘reigning’ 2015 Local Hero Juliette Wright. http:

Don’t forget to nominate your Australian of the Year until August 3. Nominate someone worthy of attention. Just one nomination is all it takes.

Best in the west

After a huge amount of work and connecting (the big bloke looking relieved on the right) Executive Officer Western Melbourne Tourism Richard Ponsford is still smiling. Understanding and evaluating tourism outside the big destinations and recognising the value of local tourism was what this event was all about. Incredible passion and engaged speakers and panels.

Julia Truong (on my left) production managed effortlessly and Deb Ganderton (centre) the energetic and ever positive Chair of Western Melbourne Tourism gave her stamp - and smile- of approval.


Well, without sounding like a prima donna, more than two hands worth. Image is important and having fun on a shoot is vital. Usually I am directing and co-ordinating but having a great team meant that I could relax and get my photo-face on. There were no tantrums, just the odd closed-eye photo. Shoot was easy and effortless. Thanks to a great team!

Fred Kroh planned a meticulous and generous shoot.
Peter Becker art directed impeccably.
Daniel Aulsebrook ably assisted Fred.
Sarah Hanisch styled, sourced, pinned and ironed and ironed....
Maureen Moriarty made my dial shine (by not  shining) and hair trained.
Dougal Fanning captured miracle video.
Jo Malley directed video, too important to be in the picture.
Rohan Voigt and Amahl Weereratne (not present) retouched, tweaked and tricked the images.
And Richard Cooke built the website together with Peter Becker.
Lucky we weren't making the film version that’s why film credits go on for such a long time!


Today I am directing the Australia Pacific interviews for a new Live Person global video. These Live Person people are highly motivated and gregarious. I have learnt about stand ups (short briefing meetings where you stand) and the value of office hugs. Alex Hang (in front of the map) is a true ‘global man’ and should bring out his own travel guide of Melbourne culture and world philosophy.

Hugs to Live person in Melbourne and Hollie Ellison and the team in NY